For more than 25 years, Biesanz Stone has offered natural stone panels as an alternative to manufactured concrete (precast) and handset masonry products for projects throughout the country. This panel system offers product flexibility, providing you with the option to use Biesanz MDL or another stone of your choice.


Natural stone panels consist of a fabricated natural limestone exterior panel attached to heavy gauge steel studs to form an exterior wall panel. Each natural stone veneer panel, which is fabricated in our specially designed shop, consists of multiple cut stone pieces with solid epoxy joints.

Onsite, the finished stone veneer panels are lifted by a crane or forklifts and attached to the structural frame of the building. After attachment, the joints are caulked, and the stud space is insulated using conventional batt or urethane foam insulation to form water-tight insulated exterior wall, as well as providing an interior surface for gypsum drywall installation

Natural stone panel installation
Natural Stone Panels


  • Option to use Biesanz Minnesota Dolomite Limestone (MDL) or other stone of your choice
  • The combined weight of Natural Stone Panels is as low as 30 percent of the weight of typical architectural precast panels, lowering design loads imposed on the building structure
  • Installation on the job site is a fraction of time required to construct handset masonry walls
  • Natural Stone Panels are fabricated in our climate-controlled plant ensuring strict quality control
  • Distinctive individual stone patterns can be designed into our Natural Stone Panels
  • Unlike handset masonry walls, stone and panel fabrication can begin in our plant once we receive approved shop drawings
  • Installation on the job site is not generally effected by weather and the need for temporary shelters in cold temperatures not usually required
  • The steel studs used in the panels can provide the wall space for insulation and the surface to install interior gypsum drywall
  • Our experienced team provides design-assist support and will work with your designers throughout each project
  • Biesanz can be your single source for fabricating, furnishing and installing Natural Stone Panels at a competitive price


Natural Stone Panels with Product of Your Choice

Natural stone panels can work with your the products of your choice. Please contact us for more information.


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