Fabricators of limestone building materials, Biesanz Stone Company has been a leader in commercial limestone applications for more than a century. Our Minnesota Dolomite Limestone (MDL), Natural Stone Panels, and quarry rock materials have been the trusted choice for architecture and design professionals seeking natural and local products. With applications on a variety of project types, Biesanz Stone has become synonymous with quality and expertise in limestone fabrication.

We fabricate our MDL and Natural Stone Panels at our climate-controlled plant ensuring the strictest quality control of our products. Biesanz also utilizes the latest quarry technology that allows for the extraction of all of our natural resources.

Our quarry consists of 380 acres and has 2 distinct ledges: Travertine Ledge and Levee Ledge. Our standard mining schedule consists of mining up to 125,000 cubic feet/year, and the bulk inventory in our quarry is in excess of 150,000 cubic feet of dimensional stone.

Biesanz stone quarry in Winona, MN


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