Biesanz Minnesota Dolomite Limestone (MDL) has been the premier choice for commercial limestone applications for more than 100 years. Providing users with unmatched beauty and functionality, MDL compliments all of your natural stone needs. Our quality limestone veneer produces durable and long-lasting limestone panels for applications including commercial exteriors, commercial interiors, and specialty and landscaping projects.

MDL is an “Oneota Limestone” that has been called “Winona Travertine” because its solution cavities give it a texture similar to spring deposited limestone, though it is a sedimentary limestone of the Ordovician Era.  Its composition is primarily calcium carbonate and magnesium with traces of quartzite.

MDL is exceptionally hard and durable (qualifies as a Class III limestone), and is available in a variety of colors including light cream to buff, light grey to bone, and light gold to yellow tones – depending on the desired finish. These warm and neutral tones have made MDL the choice of architects and designers throughout the country.

The strength and durability of MDL has made it a popular choice for a variety of facility types throughout the country including healthcare, churches, higher education, banking and insurance.

Minnesota Dolomite Limestone (detail)

2-inch Veneer Honed MDL

Stone Finishes

Cross Grain


Cut perpendicular to the natural bed stratification to provide an open pore structure.

Split Face


Stone on which the face has been broken or cleaved to an approximate plane.

Bush Hammer


Repeatedly struck with a conical point to create a rough, pockmarked texture that creates a stone finish resembling weathered rock.



Uses a coarse rotary wire brush that provides a worn down look that simulates natural wear over time.



Sand-blasted at specified levels to create an open pore matte finish.

Levy Ledge (Bush Hammer)


Biesanz’ secondary quarried stone ledge that provides limestone in soft yellow colors. Available in Bush Hammer (shown above) and Split Face stone finishes.

Rough Back / Natural Bed


Part of the block that is from the natural bed formation and has not been altered.

Honed (60 grit)


Provides a flat, matte, or satin stone finish which creates an informal or softer look. Honed stone finishes show fewer scratches and require little or no maintenance. Available in many different grit degrees (60 grit shown above).

Polished (clear)


Utilizes the natural glossy crystals and stone characteristics combined with or without clear epoxy (shown above with clear epoxy). A progressive process using different degrees of finer heads to emphasize the natural beauty and at the same time provides a complete smooth surface free of voids. Available in soft-, medium-, or high-gloss finishes.


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